Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bank Holiday

I hope everyone had a good bank holiday weekend. Here in Cambridge the weather decided to gripe a bit on Monday, but K and I had already decided that we didn't really want to move terribly far from the flat all weekend (with the exception of a little canoeing with Scouts on the River Cam first thing on Saturday morning). Instead, we spent most of the weekend revising, refreshing and acquiring our dressmaking skills.

Regular readers may recall a post about dressmaking rather some time ago. Well, much to my shame, I never actually found the time to make that skirt and the sewing machine has stayed under wraps for most of the last year. Recently, however, there have been stirrings of determination to actually do something with it, and K hit on the rather good idea of offering to make little pinafore dresses for a good friend with a one year-old daughter. Said friend kindly consented to be our guinea pig (she has already received several knitted and embroidered gifts with very good grace) and we acquired a suitable pattern.

This weekend, our flat was a wonderful chaos of fabric, thread and moved items of furniture. We quickly concluded that we don't really need a living room (it's the only room we have, aside from a miniture bedroom, bathroom and kitchen), but that we do very much need a sewing room. Definitely something to aspire too when I grow up :-) Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to take any photos, but I can proudly annouce that we can now:

- Thread the machine without having to look up how to do it first

- Cut out a pattern with confidence and fairly minimal wastage

- Assemble, pin and baste the pieces, complete with interfacing

- Sew a reasonably straight seam

- Topstitch a reasonably straight seam

- Pull out the tacking thread without wrecking everything, despite having sewn over much of it with many, many tiny stiches.

- Sew a buttonhole (although they haven't been ripped yet)

There seems to be a good chance that the skirt will get made soon after all!